Best Exercise To Lose Weight

A lot of people who attempt to lose weight get into the wrong mindset that any exercise is good exercise. Whilst this is true to a certain degree, some exercises are devastatingly more effective than others and you should also consider the amount of time you’re spending exercising. Less can often be more in terms of weight loss so don’t make the mistake of doing longer workouts in order to lose weight faster – it simply doesn’t work like that.

The most important aspect of exercising is the intensity. An intense workout will raise the BPM (beats per minute) of your heart thus causing you to sweat a lot more which obviously leads to more weight being burnt off and more fat leaving your body also. For example a 10 minute high intensity run will do a lot more for you than a 2 hour light jog in your local park. This is a mistake many people make as they prefer to say they’ve done “2 hours of exercise” than “30 minutes” even though the majority of the time a 30 minute workout is going to be far more effective than a 2 hour session.

The best exercise to lose weight has to really make you work and sweat hard so intensity is all important. Don’t mistake quantity for being as useful as quality – it isn’t!

Some of the best exercises for this can be found at your local gym. A personal favorite of mine is the cross trainer which can burn up to 1000 calories an hour (an enormous amount when you compare to something like the bike which does around 250 calories an hour). It looks like hard work but is actually very relaxing and you shouldn’t find yourself out of breath using it. Plug your headphones in and let loose for a good half hour. You’ll be able to feel the weight pouring off you and won’t feel tired or sluggish after.

After a long workout in the gym there is nothing better than cooling off in the pool. Swimming is perhaps the most underrated form of exercise and is mightily effective in more ways than one. Not only does a lengthy session of breaststroke (or something similar) burn off a lot of weight it’ll also tone the muscles to give your body a more defined look! Definitely one of the best forms of exercise as it is convenient too, everyone has access to a pool!