3 Myths For Losing Weight After Pregnancy

There are some things that just do not work if you want to lose weight. Despite that, there are still lots of people promoting them or desparately using them to lose weight. The 3 most common myths or mistakes for losing weight after pregnancy are these.

Myth 1. Skipping Meals to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

This is probably the most common method to attempt to lose weight. But it is doomed to failure and is entirely the wrong strategy. Why? You metabolism starts to slow down when you eat less so you end up not burning fat as quickly as you were before. Further, your body has just been through an awful lot in nourishing your infant for the last 9 months in utero. So you need to ensure that you continue to eat well. This means eating a well-balanced diet that contains lots of whole foods. Eliminating processed foods and replacing them with nutritious lower calorie foods will be more beneficial to your body and will help you to lose weight.

Myth 2. Doing More Exercise To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Exercise is good but increasing the length of time you are exercising does not help you lose weight. Sure, do some exercise but you are much better off doing more frequent, short bursts of exercise to burn the fat. Longer sessions tend to have the effect of slowing down your bodys metabolism.

Myth 3. Using Diet Foods To Lose Weight After Pregnancy

This is a similar mistake or myth to the first one but one that is commonly attempted because it sounds reasonable. After all the company producing the food says it works and they wouldnt lie, would they? In actual fact, the diet foods are often responsible for muscle loss rather than fat loss. Even if they did achieve what they claim, you would not achieve long lasting weight loss unless you intended to continue to buy the diet foods for the rest of your life. That would be very expensive. It is far better to examine your current food consumption and modify your diet to include lots of nutritious, unprocessed foods and especially lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Basically, there is no shortcut to losing weight after pregnancy. You need to eat well to maintain your health. Quick Fixes seldom work and often create more problems than they solve. Look after your health, eat nutritious whole foods in preference to highly processed foods and you will find the weight start to drop off.